Developments in Jewish/Christian Relations

Update - Jews & Arabs refuse to be enemies

Dear Friends,   We are once again faced with the insanity of violence spinning out of control with human lives being sacrificed. Even before the four youth were kidnapped and killed and this war began, we called together a group of peace activists from various organizations to think about how we can be effective in brining those interested in peace together to have our voices heard.   Saturday, we held our first action with hundreds of Jews and Arabs who came together under the banner of “Jews and Arabs Refuse to Be Enemies”.  Below is a write up of the action.   We plan to continue to work brining Jews and Arabs together supporting peace and equality an...
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Jews & Arabs refuse to be enemies

Update from NSWaS   Dr. Nava Sonnenschein, SFP director, and Dr. Nachi Alon have initiated a meeting of representatives from peace and human rights organizations to work on developing a new strategy on what to do now. The meeting, to be held in July, will focus on how to build a more powerful unified movement, how to work to reach larger and different audiences, how to maximize impact and build better cooperation.     Yesterday the village and SFP organized an urgent meeting to all human rights organizations and peace activists in Israel and they agreed to start their action against racism, killing.......   Here one of the action which will be on Saturday   J...
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Recent Events in Israel/Palestine

Dear Everyone As you know, with the recent murders of four teenagers in Israel, this is a really dark moment for the people of Israel/Palestine.  We hold them - and our Sisters and Brothers in the Region - in prayer.  On Monday (14th July 2014)  a statement from the International Team for Jewish Christian Relations will be put on the Congregation website concerning this.  It will read: As Sisters of Sion, we stand with both the Israeli and Palestinian people in the loss of their young people to violence in the recent attacks.   We hear and feel the pain of all.  We stand with the mothers who have lost their sons.  We hold out our hands to the fathers ...
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Cardinal Vincent Nichols prays with the Israeli and Palestinian Ambassadors at Archbishop's House, Westminster

Cardinal Vincent Nichols prays with the Israeli and Palestinian Ambassadors at Archbishop's House, Westminster 09/06/2014 7:17 pm On Friday 6 June, Cardinal Vincent Nichols welcomed the Israeli and Palestinian Ambassadors in London, Daniel Taub and Manuel Hassassian, to Archbishop's House, Westminster. Together they spent time together in prayer for peace. They did so in response to the invitation issued by Pope Francis to President Mahmoud Abbas and Shimon Peres to come to the Vatican to pray with him for peace in the Holy Land. They united their prayers with those to be offered in the Vatican on the evening of Sunday 8 June, led by Pope Francis. During their time of prayer, the Amb...
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Text for INVOCATION FOR PEACE Vatican Gardens, 8 June 2014

INVOCATION FOR PEACE Vatican Gardens, 8 June 2014 INTRODUCTION Musical meditation. Announcement May the Lord give you peace! We have gathered here, Israelis and Palestinians, Jews, Christians and Muslims, so that each of us can offer his or her own desire for peace for the Holy Land and for all who dwell there. Together with Pope Francis, who greatly desired this moment, Patriarch Bartholomaios of Constantinople and all those present, Presidents Shimon Peres and Mahmoud Abbas will join in this calling, voicing the desire of their respective peoples to invoke to God the common longing for peace. This evening’s meeting will consist of three parts, followed by a conclusion. Each ...
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