Developments in Jewish/Christian Relations

VIDEO: Pope to Presidents of Israel and Palestine: Peace takes more courage than war

Pope to Presidents of Israel and Palestine: Peace takes more courage than war  
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Pope Francis calls for 'courage' toward peace between Israel, Palestine

Pictured: Pope Francis looks on as Israeli President Shimon Peres, left, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas embrace during an invocation for peace Sunday, June 8th 2014, in the Vatican Gardens.   VATICAN CITY AND WASHINGTON   Pope Francis drove into the Middle East peace process Sunday, urging the Israeli and Palestinian presidents to act with courage and end what he called the "spiral of hatred and violence" during a historic prayer meeting at the Vatican. At the beginning of the solemn ceremony, Israeli President Shimon Peres and his Palestinian counterpart, Mahmoud Abbas, warmly embraced and joked together inside the pope's Santa Marta residence as a smiling Francis lo...
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For Vatican, a path back to diplomatic relevance

By John L. Allen Jr. Globe Staff   June 08, 2014 Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas joined Pope Francis at the Vatican. ROME — Hours before he convened an unprecedented Vatican prayer service for peace in the Middle East, Pope Francis told a crowd gathered in St. Peter’s Square that “a church that doesn’t have the capacity to surprise . . . is a dying church.” By that standard, Francis showed that Catholicism on his watch is alive and kicking by delivering one of the greatest surprises of his papacy — a peace summit that is likely to have no immediate effect whatsoever on the Middle East peace pr...
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How the Pope triumphed over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Francis’ unorthodox ideology saved him from traps that have ensnared other world leaders, and helped him score a victory for the Catholic Church BY HAVIV RETTIG GUR May 29, 2014 The strange, lukewarm visit of Pope Francis to the Holy Land is now a couple days past. The rhetoric and imagery produced by the visit have been assessed and reassessed from every imaginable perspective, and something close to a consensus has developed: the pope didn’t make any mistakes. It is hard to convey, perhaps, the scale of this achievement, but it must be attempted because it reveals much about the conflict, and about the pope.   The Holy See has no hard power. The pope can’t t...
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Antisemitism and Hate Crimes in Europe

ICCJ EXECUTIVE BOARD | 02.06.2014 The International Council of Christians and Jews expresses its dismay at a series of events that have occurred recently in Europe. The most frightening of these was the fatal shooting of four people at the Brussels Jewish Museum. These terrible events are a source of anxiety for Jewish communities, with whom we express our solidarity.   Although one may assume that the perpetrators are individuals driven by fanatical political and/or religious hate – as seems to be the case with the arrested suspect of the Brussels murders – we are alarmed by the concurrence of such violent acts with the rise of xenophobic and antisemitic parties in vario...
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