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Developments in Jewish/Christian Relations

My Friends the Sisters by Peta Jones Pellach
This Article from “The Times” of Israel was sent to us by Peta Jones Pellach, whose work is  based at Ecce Home, alongside the Sisters.

It was surreal – the feeling I had the first time I went to Ecce Homo, on Via Dolorosa, in the Old City of Jerusalem. “Am I really walking these ancient streets in this holy city, as part of my work-day?” 

None of that excitement has waned. Each time I go there, entering through the Damascus Gate, then strolling through the shuk and past the various Christian hostels until I reach the entrance, I am exhilarated; going inside and up to the second or third levels to overlook the Temple Mount – that experience is beyond words! I feel so privileged to live and work in Jerusalem. I am particularly blessed to be able to work with people who appreciate the spiritual significance of this city. Whether they are Jewish, Christian or Muslims, those of us who feel the sanctity and the great potential of Yerushalayim (Jerusalem, al-Quds) share something very special here. 

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Developments in Jewish/Christian Relations