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Autumn Seminars 2015 with Dr John McDade
Sept.  30th 2015: Paul and the disappearance of Law–observant Christians
How does Paul handle the tension between Christian believers who observe the Law and Christian believers who do not observe the Law?  As well as offering an insight into the tensions in the early Church about how to observe the Jewish Law while also believing in Jesus, the issue of how to respect differences within the modern Church is still with us

November 11th 2015: Reading the Epistle to the Hebrews
Does Hebrews teach that Judaism has been superseded by Christianity?   We will explore the main themes of this anonymous work, its possible background and purpose and its significance for relations between Christians and Jews.

December 2nd 2015: Reading the Letter of James
The Letter of James in the New Testament is addressed to ‘the twelve tribes of the Diaspora’, a teaching from the earliest Jerusalem community from its leader James, ‘the brother of the Lord’, the chief authority in the early Church to whom Paul and others defer.  But there are some puzzles.  A fascinating work rarely explored.  

11.00am – 3.30pm.  Registration 10.30am.
Please bring a packed lunch – and a BIBLE!

Suggested Donation:  £15 per day; All three sessions: £40 
Please make cheques payable to SCDE.  Payment on arrival is acceptable.

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