Biblical reflections on Call and Response

There are several ‘’Vocation’ stories in the Bible.  

These are stories of ordinary people who become extraordinary because they heard the voice of God and responded to it.  

In their response to God’s call they were able to go beyond their fears and hesitations and do amazing things for God and God’s people.






Suggestions for praying with these reflections

Find a quiet place where you away from distractions. A candle can sometimes be a focus.

Invite the Lord to speak to you during this time of prayer, and ask that you may listen and hear what God has to say.

Read the Biblical Text.  It is sometimes helpful to read it aloud

Have some time of stillness and silence to reflect on the reading.  If a phrase or a sentence has caught you attention, stay with it.

Read the text again, and then read the suggested reflection.  Spend some time reflecting on any of the questions that you find helpful.

It is sometimes useful to write down your reflections in your prayer journal.

It is sometimes valuable to share your reflections with a friend, prayer partner, or spiritual guide.

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