Stepping stones towards Commitment in the Sisters of Sion

There are four stages to our Formation Process.  The length of each stage will differ depending on the experience of each individual.

The first stage of our Formation Process is called COME AND SEE (see John 1 : 39).  

During this stage, there will be regular meetings with one of our sisters, and regular contact with a community where you will participate in community gatherings, prayer, celebrations and community life.


The Second stage is the PRE-NOVITIATE.

During this stage you will begin to discover some of the history and charism of our congregation, and the Biblical spirituality which underpins all that we are and do. There is also some human formation at this start which helps to understand and clarify your vocations and calling in Sion.

The third stage of the journey is the NOVITIATE.  

This is also called the Canonical Year and lasts for one whole year.  This stage takes place  in our  Congregational Novitiate in Jerusalem. During this year there will be special emphasis on prayer and the Word of God.  The year will also include a reflection on our religious vows of celibacy, poverty and obedience, and a study of our constitutions.  Visit the web site of our International Novitiate in Jerusalem : 

The next stage of the process is called the APOSTOLIC YEAR.  

During this time you will integrate all the studies and spiritual experiences of the past years in the ordinary life of another Sion community.  This year you would do some apostolic work as well as well as continuing to deepen your life of prayer.

After these stepping stones the sister will make her
First vows of Poverty, Celibacy and Obedience.  This is a commitment for three years and is then repeated for another three years.  A sister’s Final Vows are pronounced six years after First Vows.  Our Formation Process continues throughout life – we constantly seek to deepen our commitment to God and to our special Charism in the Church.

Come, Follow Me